The rise of new technologies and AI: balancing risks and opportunities 

The rapid development of new technologies, in particular AI, is revolutionizing everyday business practices. For operators, it’s a question of seizing opportunities, such as improving productivity and enhancing the customer experience, and radically transforming their businesses to integrate these breakthroughs. In an environment marked by a growing risk of cyber-attacks induced by the digitalization of practices, they must also guarantee data security, integrity and confidentiality, key elements in maintaining a relationship of trust with their customers. 

Key figures

“À l’écoute du monde” by Orange 

The Orange podcast which hands the mic to experts from its ecosystem in order to decipher the major trends driving the telecommunications sector. In this episode, Florian Douetteau, CEO and co-founder of Dataiku, discusses the rise of new technologies in the telecoms sector and, in particuliar, that of AI. 

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Orange’s response  

We are capitalizing on new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to offer innovative services, while continuing to strengthen network reliability and guard against data security risks:  

Launch of a proprietary conversational agent for all employees based on a secure generative AI solution 

By deploying this solution, which enables document analysis, meeting synthesis and image generation, we aim to train our employees in the best practices for using generative AI.   

Growth of almost 11% for Orange Cyberdefense in 2023  

Our Orange Cyberdefense entity offers organizations of all sizes detection, immediate threat response, consulting, crisis management and awareness services. Orange Cyberdefense is now a European leader in cybersecurity services.   

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129,395 security incidents handled by Orange Cyberdefense teams  

In 2023, Orange Cyberdefense teams handled 30% more events, of which 25,076 were confirmed. Threat qualification levels also increased.   

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Orange Business, Orange Cyberdefense and Palo Alto join forces to strengthen business cyber resilience  

The aim of this collaboration is to provide a managed SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution that meets business requirements in terms of network and security, high-level performance, simplicity and access to the Zero Trust 2.0 network.   

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Adoption of a Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethical Charter  

Introduced in 2022, this charter sets out our commitments to the responsible design and use of AI.   

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