Pillar 3: Repositioning our BtoB activities and developing our cybersecurity operations 

The digitization of the economy, accentuated by the Covid period, is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. With technological breakthroughs such as network virtualization and the growing use of cloud-based collaborative tools, business needs are evolving very rapidly. 

To respond to these changes and seize every opportunity, Orange Business is implementing an extensive transformation plan. Orange Business is accelerating its growth in IT and integration services (cybersecurity, Digital & Data, cloud) in Europe, to become a leading network and digital integrator, certified on the latest market technologies to support businesses in their digital transformations. To achieve this objective, Orange Business has reorganized itself by implementing a cost optimization program, while also training its employees to support the transition. The subsidiary has also simplified its service portfolio by halving its product catalog from 2024, focusing on the development of data and AI services, and expanding its expertise in IT solutions, notably through targeted buyouts, such as the Expertime acquisition at the end of 2023.  

We are also providing our customers with cybersecurity support by strengthening the development of our dedicated subsidiary Orange Cyberdefense. With revenue in excess of one billion in 2023, double-digit growth above the market average, and a community of over 2,800 experts, Orange Cyberdefense is reaching a stage of maturity and entering a new phase of development. The aim is to achieve profitable growth and strengthen synergies with our core business as a telecoms operator, in order to capture the full potential of a complex, competitive and rapidly accelerating market. To achieve this, our subsidiary will have to combine accelerated growth with greater efficiency to enable the sustainable long-term development of each of its activities.   

As Europe’s leading telecoms operator in business cybersecurity services in terms of revenues, we boast powerful assets on which Orange Cyberdefense must keep capitalizing in order to further differentiate itself in the market: to feed its Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) with data from a global network, to innovate alongside Orange Innovation through the new Cyber Value Stream, and to exploit every go-to-market opportunity in the scope of Orange’s activities, particularly in Europe.   

By maintaining its current trajectory, Orange Cyberdefense will be able to become a leading full-service player in cybersecurity, able to serve all types of customers, from large corporations to small and medium-sized businesses, and in the future even private individuals, as well as all verticals, notably the most affected by cyberattacks: industry, finance, healthcare and the public sector.  

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Flexible SD-WAN: towards secure, reliable and adaptable connectivity  

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When it comes to customer experience, the cloud has become the gold standard. Performance and trust are no longer negotiable, and innovation is a catalyst in the digital transformation of businesses. To meet these challenges, in 2022 Orange Business launched “ Evolution Platform  (opens in a new window)”, its new resilient and secure cloud-native platform. In 2023, we went one step further. In November, in partnership with VMware, the leading provider of multi-cloud services for applications of all kinds, we unveiled the first SD-WAN offering natively integrated with the platform, guaranteeing secure user-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud connectivity.   

“In today’s digital-first business cycle, the demand for resilient, adaptive and secure network infrastructure has never been more critical. This new SD-WAN offering will expand the options available to our customers to build a network that perfectly meets the challenges of their digital transformation.”  

Vice President, Communication Services, Orange Business  

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Improving corporate cyber-resilience   

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With the widespread adoption of remote working, new network architectures (SDN) and the rapid adoption of cloud connectivity, businesses are constantly improving both efficiency and productivity. At the same time, cybersecurity risks have never been so widespread or so high.  

To help them protect themselves, Orange Business, Orange Cyberdefense and Palo Alto Networks, the world’s leading cybersecurity company, announced in June a new partnership in the form of a managed SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) offering, meeting business requirements in terms of network, security, high-level performance, zero-trust 2.0 network access and, of course, simplicity.   

“Faced with the mass adoption of the cloud and a digital-first model, companies must integrate zero-trust security into their strategies. Ensuring the convergence of networks and security in an agile, simple and cost-effective way is one of the needs expressed by our customers. Together with Palo Alto Networks and Orange Cyberdefense, we have devised this convergent SASE (opens in a new window) offering to meet this need and have a positive impact on the business and transformation of our customers worldwide.”   

CEO of Orange Business. 

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The Expertime acquisition strengthens our cloud expertise for businesses   

In December 2023, Orange Business formalized the acquisition of Expertime, a services company specializing in Microsoft technologies, recognized for its expertise in applications, collaborative solutions and data.   

This strategic operation, which strengthens the Microsoft expertise already in place within Orange Business, will enable us to accelerate our growth in the digital, public cloud – a major challenge for SMEs -, artificial intelligence and data markets. These benefits will enable us to meet our ambition for Orange Business: to become a certified network and digital integrator using best-in-class technologies to support businesses in their positive, efficient and sustainable digital transformation.  

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