Lead the Future, a year of tangible progress 

One year after the launch of our Lead the Future strategic plan, which aims to leverage the Group’s excellence in its core business and achieve sustainable growth in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, we are on track to meet all our financial targets for 2023. This solid performance reflects our ability to execute and the progress of our major strategic projects, such as the creation of MásOrange in March 2024, our joint venture with MásMóvil in Spain, following approval of the project by the European Commission. This is a major step forward for the Group’s development in Europe. 

It is also proof of the relevance of our strategy of sustainable valu creation: refocusing on our core business, to leverage the quality of our infrastructures and increase customer satisfaction, repositioning our BtoB activities, accelerating growth in cybersecurity and strengthening our position in Africa and the Middle East. 

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The success of Lead the Future is also based on the successful implementation of our new enterprise model. This is an in-depth transformation that we have been carrying out for over a year to make our business simpler, more efficient and more accountable. 

Our performance is part of a sustainable transformation, guided by our ambition to move towards an ESG by design model, placing social, societal and environmental responsibility at the heart of our strategy. In 2023, with a 37.4% reduction in our CO2 emissions (scopes 1 and 2) compared with 2015, we exceeded our 2025 target of a 30% reduction two years ahead of schedule. 

As the driving force behind all our initiatives, the success of our Lead the Future plan testifies to the commitment of the men and women of Orange, who work every day on the ground to meet the expectations of our customers in terms of connectivity and service quality.  

We have every confidence that we will achieve the objectives of the Lead the Future plan by 2025, and are focused on our ambition to build a responsible digital future, guided by our purpose, the fundamental principle behind everything we do. 

Our 4 strategic pillars  

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