Onwards with our ambition  

Lead the Future, a year of tangible progress 

Our strategic plan Lead the Future aims to leverage the Group’s excellence in its core business and achieve sustainable growth in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In 2023, we are on track to meet all our financial and non-financials targets, and we have every confidence that we will achieve the objectives of this plan by 2025. 

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A new enterprise model to meet our ambition

In the face of so many challenges, the success of our Lead the Future plan will require a profound transformation of our Group. Over the past year, we have been developing our enterprise model to become simpler, faster, more efficient and more responsible, using an “ESG by design” approach. 

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The levers of our transformation 

Fully committed employees 

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Talent at the heart of our priorities 

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Innovation for the benefit of all 

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A business model for creating sustainable value 

A long-standing telecommunications network operator in France, Orange is a major player in digital technologies worldwide. Guided by our corporate purpose, and driven by our Lead the Future strategic plan, we operate according to a business model that integrates environmental, social and societal issues. Our aim is to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders. 

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Our value creation model 

The growing demand for connectivity, the necessity to be resilient in a complex geopolitical, economic and regulatory context, as well as the need to reconcile innovation with sustainable development, represent challenges to which we must respond. In order to do this, we rely on the expertise of those who work every day to deploy reliable networks and innovative digital services. 

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A new governance model 

Since 2022, we have undertaken a comprehensive overhaul of our corporate governance structure to provide it with a stronger foundation. This change, which has been very well received, serves our strategic ambitions and the long-term future of our Group. 

Board of Directors 

The 15 members of the Board of Directors approves all decisions relating to the Group’s major policies, and oversees their implementation by executive management. 

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