Talent at the heart of our priorities 

At a time of profound technological, economic and environmental change, being able to rely on strong expertise is a major challenge for the telecoms sector. At Orange, our employees are our priority and one of the keys to the success of our Lead the Future strategic plan. 

We have therefore consolidated our human resources strategy to support our transformation towards greater efficiency and effectiveness, in line with our new enterprise model. Two levers are essential to the success of this strategy: employee commitment and the attention paid to our employees in terms of skills development and retention. 

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To this end, we have set up training programs to enable employees to acquire new skills, with a view to changing jobs (reskilling) or adapting to professional evolutions (upskilling), which are greatly impacted by major technological breakthroughs and CSR challenges. In France, the Orange Apprentice Training Center also provides support for work-study students in the telecoms sector’s growth areas. And thanks to the Orange Graduate Program, we can offer young graduates a tailored career path that stands apart from the competition. 

Finally, to foster the loyalty of our employees, we meet their expectations in terms of diversity, fairness, work-life balance, health and safety at work, and mobility. Orange’s strength lies in its talent, which is at the heart of our priorities. 

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Welcome to the Orange Graduate Program!  

This program enables young graduates with a Master’s degree to join a top-class career development scheme and explore a vast array of fields: cyber, data, cloud, development, virtualization, BtoC or BtoB markets. Supported by a dedicated HR team, they are rapidly promoted to positions of responsibility in France or abroad, and benefit from ongoing training and immersion in start-ups or associations. The result is a rewarding career path that will enable them to live out their aspirations and contribute to the development of Orange.   

With the Orange Graduate Program, young graduates unleash their full potential

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“At Orange, you can”   

The telecoms sector is undergoing rapid change. As a global player, we are at the forefront of this trend. We offer our employees and future candidates the opportunity to be part of this technological revolution, to evolve within diverse and exciting professions and sectors, while taking into account their individual aspirations. As confirmed by the various French rankings: we are one of the Top 25 best employers on Glassdoor 2023; we rank 2nd in Happy Candidates for companies that provide the best support to candidates during the recruitment process; and we are accredited HappyIndex®Trainees and HappyIndex®Trainees Alternance 2024 by Choose my Company.

What’s more, over 91% of our interns and work-study trainees recommend Orange for an internship or work-study placement!  

Join Orange to build a responsible digital world

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Apprentice training center: supporting the jobs of the future  

At our apprentice training center (CFA), we offer four different courses to prepare participants for the jobs of tomorrow: account manager, data analyst, data scientist and cybersecurity expert. This work-study program is 100% subsidized and compensated, and leads to recognized qualifications and diplomas. It is available to students with high school diplomas and bachelor’s degrees and lasts from 12 to 24 months. Theoretical and academic courses are taught remotely, and face-to-face training days are organized two or three times a year. Qualiopi certified since November 2021, our CFA already has 311 work-study students. The goal? To recruit 50% women to contribute to the feminization of tech industry professions.   

Joining the center means taking advantage of a great opportunity to enter the telecoms sector: the employment rate is 67% after one month, half of which is with Orange. It is this talent that will enable the Group to meet the demands of future professions.

Find out how we train tech apprentices at Orange

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