Session 2019

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The people at Orange working to respond to Covid-19

The Coronavirus health crisis has meant Orange has had to act fast and fulfil its responsibility to ensure unprecedented service availability for people to ensure they can stay in touch with their friends and family, access news and continue to work wherever possible to mitigate business and economic impacts.

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Our purpose

“As a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys
to a responsible digital world.”

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Strategic plan

Engage 2025 is the new strategic plan that will carry the Group through to 2025, picking up from the Essentials2020 plan launched in 2015. To achieve our social and environmental commitment, Engage 2025 combines two major focuses: growth and responsibility.


Orange has centred its new Engage 2025 strategic plan around promoting digital equality and protecting the environment. In all our operating countries, we promise to reduce inequality to enable everyone, whatever their situation, to take advantage of the wealth of opportunities brought about by digital technology. As we take on the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced, we have a responsibility to start taking action right away, especially since telecoms operators have such an important role to play in bringing about a low-carbon economy.

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Our Engage 2025 strategic plan revolves around four bold ambitions to enable us to tackle the changes in our industry. These ambitions involve reinventing our operator model, accelerating in growth areas, placing data and AI at the heart of our innovation model and co-creating a future-facing company.

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A business model focused on

creating and sharing value

By deploying a robust network and developing innovative and responsible products and services, we play an active role in society and enable customers around the world to take advantage of digital technologies.

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Major considerations, risks and opportunities

Though the realm of possibilities brought about by technology has never been so vast, it comes with certain risks that have to be assessed in order to factor in social, environmental and economic considerations. 

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Strong governance

Orange has a stable, robust and experienced governance team to steer the Engage 2025 strategic plan and achieve its long-term performance goals.

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Ethical principles to enable sustainable performance

By making ethical conduct central to the way the Group operates, Orange is going above and beyond regulatory requirements to meet its stakeholders’ growing demand for transparency.

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