“Orange’s purpose reflects the way it conducts its business.”

Peter Dew, Chief Digital Officer at DSM, an international company specialised in life sciences and material sciences based in the Netherlands​

For over a decade, Orange has been providing us with videoconferencing solutions and data communication networks around the world. Orange’s digital technology helps reduce our company’s CO2 emissions by allowing us to drastically cut down on business travel. What’s more, aggregating data makes it possible to streamline and optimise the energy we use in manufacturing processes, plant operations, and the way we transport goods.

Orange’s purpose reflects the way it conducts its business – trust is implicit in partnerships and will undoubtedly reinforce the strong relationships we have built together. Its commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility is laudable. We value social commitment very highly, so much so, we have factored it into our partner-selection process.

Carlo Purassanta, “Innovation, especially digital innovation, must respect people.”