“We would approve of a clear and genuine commitment.”

Sabrina Ritossa Fernandez
Analyst and ESG* Specialist
at Sycomore AM, a responsible investor

When it first came about, sustainable development was dealt with by separate teams of people within the marketing departments of major corporations. Over time, it has gradually come to be seen as a core strategic focus for business. Nowadays, to be virtuous, a company has to build its operations around its CSR objectives in the same way it does with financial performance. This approach is encouraged in France as businesses are now able to define and adopt a specific purpose. In 2019, many companies seized this opportunity to set out their ambition to benefit the common good. At Sycomore AM, a responsible investor, we closely assess these ambitions. We would approve of a clear and genuine commitment in line with the corporate strategy. A company’s purpose shouldn’t just pay lip service to a cause. Every decision, at every level of the company, must factor in their reason for being. It’s still too early to assess the impact of the measures put in place; we’ll have to wait five years before we can start drawing any kind of conclusions.

Orange’s purpose accurately reflects the language used and action taken by the Group over recent years. As a major telecoms operator, Orange has a leading role to play in society in two ways. As an internet access provider, it promotes inclusive internet access in all its operating countries as well as financial services, especially through Orange Money in Africa and the Middle East. Orange also acts as a safeguard in the digital world, guaranteeing individual freedoms on the web. To achieve its corporate strategy while offering the highest quality services at affordable prices, the Group must continue its efforts in innovation, cybersecurity and transparency.

*ESG: environmental, social and governance criteria.

Bénédicte Pluquin, “By defining its purpose, Orange is once again blazing a trail.”