A new enterprise model to meet our ambition

Rethinking the way we work 

Our enterprise model is also evolving towards greater simplicity, agility and efficiency. This is one of the keys to the success of Lead the Future. To achieve this, we must work differently through standardizing, pooling, digitalizing ad simplifying our processes. We are thereby pursuing industrial transformation in the name of operational excellence.

In a world of technological disruptions, we will also be stepping up our investment in employee training and proactive skills management, to anticipate needs and facilitate the evolution of our employees towards new professions in data, the cloud, cybersecurity and AI. 

Strengthening our commitment to responsibility 

In order to support our ambitious policy of social, societal and environmental responsibility, we must rethink our enterprise model. Some of our achievements have already been recognized and have given rise to very satisfactory ESG scores, but we want to go even further to gain in efficiency and strengthen our resilience. To this end, we are pursuing our sustainable transformation by committing ourselves to three major areas: the environment, to tackle climate challenges; digital inclusion to promote digital access for all; and cybersecurity and digital trust, to help create a safer digital world. All our actions are carried out with respect for our ethical commitments and human rights. 

Improved cost control 

Last but not least, our transformation entails better cost control. By 2025, with our operational efficiency program, we have set ourselves the target of saving a further €600 million on a cost base of €11.8 billion in net savings, particularly in IT, network and real estate purchasing. By the end of 2023, we had already achieved net savings of around €300 million, in other words half the plan over three years. We are therefore well on the way to achieving our target by 2025. 

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