Supporting Egypt’s circular economy with UNIDO  

In November 2023, we announced our collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Our shared objective? To improve the value and circularity chains for cell phones, IT equipment and network in Egypt, while contributing to the country’s social and economic development.   

The project is intended to establish a reconditioning and recycling ecosystem to enable the development of a viable, high-quality second-hand market in Egypt by 2024. With inclusion at the heart of our commitments, this project will enable the recruitment and training of technicians, drawing on the expertise of our partners.  

This initiative is aligned with the local authorities’ vision to increase the recycling rate in the country to 25% by 2030, and to better regulate the treatment of hazardous waste. This African hub is arousing interest beyond Egypt’s borders, and marks the beginning of a positive new chapter for the African circular economy.  

Orange x UNIDO: discover the initiative to transform Egypt’s mobile device and network/IT equipment markets through the circular economy

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