Responsible economy: results that benefit everyone 

As a trusted partner, we act to ensure that our economic performance objectives are part of a sustainable strategy. Thanks to our innovative technologies and services, we contribute to a regional dynamic that benefits our customers, employees and society as a whole. 

Our 2023 projects 

Two people on a construction site are looking at a digital work tablet.
A young African man works on his computer while he is on the phone.
A woman looks at her phone in the street.
A woman works on her computer in the office.
A woman smiles at her two interlocutors seated opposite her during a meeting.

For Orange, being committed to a responsible economy means turning our quest for high performance into an approach that creates value for all our stakeholders. In practical terms, this means putting the strength of our network and the power of our expertise at the service of businesses and local communities. By providing high-quality connectivity and innovative solutions, we help economic players become more efficient and competitive. Likewise, by connecting people, we promote local dynamics. 

Taking action in favor of a responsible economy also means helping to stimulate entrepreneurship. With our subsidiaries Orange Digital Investment and Orange Ventures, we support innovative technology start-ups and, more broadly, a beneficial ecosystem for shaping the digital future. A responsible economy also means an inclusive economy. 

Our inclusion programs are an excellent lever for identifying and accelerating tech start-ups with a societal impact, particularly in Africa and in the Middle East. 

We use diversity as a driver of performance and influence to build the professional and economic world of tomorrow. The integration of women, people with disabilities and young people, particularly through employment, lies at the heart of our approach. Equally important is our commitment to exemplary, inclusive business conduct that respects human rights and protects the environment. 

A sustainable bond issue 

In 2023, Orange successfully completed its first bond issue indexed to sustainable performance indicators (Sustainability-Linked Bond) for a nominal amount of €500 million. The interest to be paid is linked to the achievement of the Group’s objectives to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions (scopes 1, 2 and 3) by 45% by 2030 (compared to 2020) and its commitment to providing digital support and training to external beneficiaries (cumulative six million beneficiaries between 2021 and 2030). 

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