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With over 2,800 experts and 32 cyberthreat detection centers worldwide, Orange Cyberdefense has become a European leader in cybersecurity. In 2023, we handled 129,000 security incidents, of which more than 25,000 were confirmed. Cyber Threat Intelligence is the key to anticipating, detecting, identifying and reacting to new cyber threats (hacking, cyber-extortion, viruses, etc.). 

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to protect organizations of all sizes (public institutions, large corporations, SMEs and VSEs). This includes the “Suite de Sécurité Pro” solution, which protects against viruses and cyber-attacks. It blocks fraudulent sites, and secures our customers’ equipment, personal and business data, and banking details. In response to the increase in attacks targeting small businesses, we also launched the “Cyber Protection” offering in 2022, which is unique in that it combines artificial intelligence with human monitoring by our cybersecurity experts.  

Finally, in response to the growing use by companies of remote working and online collaborative tools, we have developed “SugarSync”, which enables the encrypted access and exchange of all types of documents, so that they can be stored and shared in total security.  

By 2030, our aim is to offer all our customers state-of-the-art cybersecurity services, whether in the core network or as stand-alone solutions. 

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