Trustworthy society: towards a more secure digital world 

Our 2023 projects 

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To contribute to the development of a trustbased society, we advocate a particular vision of the digital landscape: one that is ethical, responsible and inclusive, and that protects organizations and individuals. As a board member of the Global Network Initiative¹, we actively work to protect privacy and freedom of expression, and are assessed on the actions we take. 

In light of the current geopolitical environment, the increase in cyber-attacks and the growing use of remote working, our position as a leading operator requires us to make the security of our customers’ data a priority. As a European leader in cybersecurity, we provide state-of-the-art protection for organizations and companies. Every day, our experts analyze over 60 billion events and shut down 200 malicious sites, contributing to the overall security of the internet. 

Facial recognition, connected objects and the increased use, circulation and storage of data pose new challenges. Since security goes hand in hand with confidentiality, we have set up a governance structure that provides a clear ethical framework² for the use of personal data and artificial intelligence in our activities³. In this way, we are committed to protecting human rights. 

Lastly, through our awareness-raising initiatives, we promote the safe and informed use of digital technology. Online and on the ground, we are committed to combating hyperconnection, harassment and online hate, particularly among young people. With this in mind, we launched the “For Good Connections” initiative in early 2024. Another important step was the sharing of the Orange Group’s policy on children’s rights and protection in the digital age.

As a trusted partner, we give everyone the keys to a responsible digital world. 

(1) 4ᵗʰ GNI assessment published in October 2023. 

(2) Data and AI Ethics Council. 

(3) Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethical Charter. 

“Orange is committed to offering solutions for protecting personal and business data in every country in which we operate by 2030.” 

Every day, our cyber security experts analyze more than 60 billion events and shut down 200 malicious sites.  

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Orange Group’s policy on children’s rights and protection in the digital age 

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