Turning digital service providers into partners

Jonathan Amar

Director of Syntec Numérique, Founder of DELETEC

As transformation is sweeping across every business sector, digital service providers are offering support, and it is becoming increasingly essential. To cater to their customers’ broadening requirements, they need to propose and provide the most effective cutting-edge solutions in the strategy, management and organisation of IT systems, along with infrastructure consulting services. Customers, incidentally, are more and more open to service providers’ suggestions and, on occasion, following them. That’s new. Large companies that need to deal with sector-specific issues and want to make the most of the latest breakthroughs are starting to work with smaller digital service providers, which sometimes have sharper expertise in specialist areas than the market leaders.

At the same time, corporate social responsibility is gaining ground and prompting our customers to set up procurement channels with a greater focus on ethics and transparency. To hope to become listed as approved suppliers, digital service providers need to fulfil a growing number of requirements and present their own CSR policy and initiatives. In exchange, they must be able to rely on clear commitments from their potential customers regarding payment terms, liability clauses and standardising and simplifying contracts.

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Digital service providers today see themselves as partners to business rather than suppliers. This is the attitude we want to encourage at Syntec Numérique. Some major companies have understood this approach and we’ve started setting virtuous circles in motion with them, deepening our communication and dialogue with them in the process. Now it’s time to act, so that every digital business, regardless of its size, has its chance.

Olivier Cohen de Timary

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