Moldova’s connectivity is among the best worldwide

Olga Surugiu

International Operations Director, Orange Moldova

Moldova is a landlocked Eastern European country lying between Romania and Ukraine. Despite it being a country with a long farming tradition – agriculture still accounts for 20% of its GDP and 60% of its population lives in rural areas – Moldova’s very high-speed broadband coverage is the third best worldwide, after Singapore and South Korea.

Its first-class connectivity, robust growth and the fact that its engineers are fluent in Russian and Italian have helped to make it a popular destination for outsourced IT services. It is also building a solid community for start-ups. Chisinau, the capital, hosts start-up events and a start-up investment fund was recently set up. The challenge Moldova has to tackle now is to consolidate this vibrant, stimulating system to stem its brain drain (according to the World Bank, remittances from Moldovans abroad still account for almost 25% of the country’s GDP). At Orange, we’re supporting the country’s efforts to do so by providing a best-in-class network, which for the third year running has ranked top in terms of speed and quality in a survey conducted by Systemics PAB, an independent benchmarking firm.

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The country continues to develop its position as a virtual bridge between the East and West, making the most of our service quality and agility and continuous dialogue with customers.

We are keen to offer a greater quality of service and customer experience by developing new applications, in particular 5G connectivity (the initial demonstration of which took place in March 2019), and improving our IoT solutions to support the growth of businesses, from international groups to start-ups. We’re certain of one thing – all this is just the beginning.

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