A complex geopolitical, regulatory and economic context 

Companies are operating in a global context marked by economic uncertainty, geopolitical conflict and new regulatory requirements to regulate markets in the face of sustainability, security and sovereignty challenges. For telecoms and digital operators, this instability is heightened by the arrival of intra-industry competitors and disruptive entrants from Big tech giants, start-ups or Fin Tech, but also by an ever-increasing need for always-on connectivity. Faced with these challenges, and the arrival of disruptive new players in a highly competitive sector, telecoms operators must ensure their economic resilience by identifying high-potential areas and activities, and by taking an active approach to regulatory developments. The sector is also a key stakeholder in the digital sovereignty of nations. What are the key success factors for telecoms players? Robust infrastructures and enhanced skills.    

Key figures

“À l’écoute du monde” by Orange  

The Orange podcast which hands the mic to experts from its ecosystem in order to decipher the major trends driving the telecommunications sector. In this episode, Marc Bourreau, Professor of Economics at Télécom Paris and Director of the Innovation & Regulation Chair, discusses the economic context that is transforming the telecoms sector and the role that GAFAM plays in its evolution. 

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Orange’s response  

Our activities and strategic decisions enable us to secure our long-term future by creating economic value in high-potential regions, while helping to drive change in the business sector:  

11.4% growth in Group revenues in Africa and the Middle East in 2023  

We are continuing to develop our activities in this high-potential region, marked by strong demographic factors, a “digital native” population and an explosion in digital uses.    

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MásOrange, a single leading operator in Spain with over 37 million fixed and mobile broadband customers 

In Spain, following the European Commission’s approval of the merger between Orange and MásMóvil, we created the MásOrange joint venture in March 2024. 

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