Our contribution to global issues 

Logos number 9, 8 and 11 of the sustainable development goals

Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization for all, and foster innovation 

We develop telecoms networks and invest in research to offer connectivity (fixed and mobile networks) and innovative services (IT services, cybersecurity, mobile financial services) to regions, businesses, operators and individuals. 

  • Almost 99% of the population covered on average by 4G in our 8 European countries   
  • 17 countries in Africa and the Middle East commercially open to 4G  
  • 5G available in 7 European and 2 African countries   
  • A portfolio of 10,500 patents and patent applications  
  • 34.1 million active Orange Money customers  

Logos number 10, 4, 5 and 8 of the sustainable development goals

Reduce inequality within and between countries  

We offer access to technology and knowledge to the greatest possible number of people, and in this way support the integration and empowerment of everyone in society. We work every day to promote digital equality, diversity and equal opportunity within the company.  

  • 22 countries in which we now offer an affordable mobile device enabling Internet access  
  • Member of The Valuable 500 and ILO GBDN (inclusion of people with disabilities)  
  • 7% disabled workers at Orange SA   
  • Publication of our first disability, neurodiversity and accessibility report  
  • Hello Women program, aimed at promoting gender diversity in the workplace   
  • Intergenerational agreement covering the period 2022-2024  
  • 1.8 million beneficiaries of free Orange digital training programs between 2021 and 2023  
Logos number 12, 8 and 11 of the sustainable development goals

Establish means of sustainable consumption and production 

We are increasingly integrating the circular economy within our production processes and business lines: eco-design and extending product, equipment and service lifespans, optimizing end-of-life processing and reducing our environmental impact (collection and recycling). 

  • Ambition: 100% of Orange brand products to be eco-designed by 2025.   
  • In partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), establishment of a second-hand market in Egypt for high-quality, sustainable mobile devices and network/IT equipment  
  • Orange Sustainable & Circular Ambition for Recertification (OSCAR) program for reconditioned network and IT equipment   
  • Eco-friendly awareness campaigns   
  • 2.9% of mobile devices sold by Europe are reconditioned (height Orange countries in Europe) 
Logos number 13, 7 and 8 of the sustainable development goals

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts  

We are improving the energy efficiency of our infrastructures, increasing the use of renewable energies and developing solutions for the carbon-free transition. Our goal: to be net zero-carbon by 2040. 

  • 46.6% of the Group’s electricity consumption comes from renewable sources, including 29% as a result of our various programs   
  • Reducing the energy consumption of our networks and IT systems with the Green ITN program: in 2023, the Green ITN program enabled us savings of nearly 1,150 GWh of electricity and 99 million liters of fuel oil  
  • Launch of the Circular Mobility offer for BtoB customers to reduce the carbon footprint of mobile fleets (calculation method validated by AFNOR Certification).  
Logos number 16, 5 and 8 of the sustainable development goals

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies

We are committed to respecting fundamental rights and freedoms and protecting privacy. We adopt an ethical approach, notably through our responsible purchasing policy and our anti-corruption measures. 

  • Update of the Orange Supplier Code of Conduct on March 30, 2023, to adapt to changes in CSR and compliance regulations, and to our Group strategy  
  • Orange signatory of the Global Network Initiative1  
  • GEEIS-AI certification for inclusive artificial intelligence    
  • 129,000 security incidents detected by Orange Cyberdefense in 2023, a 30% increase on 2022 
  • Almost 6,000 “United Nations Orange anti-corruption certificates” issued to employees   

(1) NGO that defends freedom of expression and respect for privacy in the face of government demands.  

Logos number 17 and 8 of the sustainable development goals

Strengthen the application of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development 

We support regional socioeconomic development and build partnerships to support the SDGs, e.g. for essential services (mobile money, education, agriculture, health, etc.). Our entire ecosystem is involved: institutions, development agencies, NGOs, etc.  

  • 890 corrective action plans following JAC3 CSR audits   
  • Partnership with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in four African countries   
  • 92 research partnership agreements with top university laboratories worldwide since 2020   
  • 7 research chairs funded   

(2) Fund to finance start-ups working for the environment, inclusion and assistance for individuals. 

(3) Joint Alliance for CSR  

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