The Orange Foundation: creating social ties

For over 35 years, the Orange Corporate Foundation, with Jacques Aschenbroich, its President and Chairman of the Group’s Board of Directors, has embodied our commitment to society in the 25 countries in which we operate. In addition to digital inclusion, which is supported by the Orange Digital Centers, the Foundation’s actions are focused on two areas: training on and through digital technology for the most disadvantaged and isolated sections of the population – with a particular and historic commitment to autism – and access to culture and support for young talent.

At the Orange Foundation, we are convinced that digital technology can be a factor in the social and professional integration of people in vulnerable situations. 

This is why we have established: 

■ Solidarity FabLabs to develop the digital and cross-disciplinary skills of unemployed young people,

■ Digital Schools to promote education for young people in schools in the Middle East and Africa (MEA),

■ Digital Centers to enable the most disadvantaged women to acquire basic digital skills and manage income-generating activities. 

In France, the Foundation also contributes to the social integration and employability of people in precarious situations, with the Digital Workshops run by our Group’s employees through the skills-based volunteering program, or on a voluntary basis within the Orange Solidarité association. 

As culture is a powerful means of breaking down barriers and contributing to social and professional inclusion, the Orange Foundation is also committed to cultural sponsorship, promoting access to culture for all, and identifying and supporting young talent in music and literature. 

Autism is also a long-standing area of sponsorship. Since 1991, the Foundation has supported people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), their families and professionals. The Foundation’s early support for research led to major scientific advances. We have developed two programs: “autism and digital” to promote the use of digital technology and facilitate learning, and “autism and inclusion” to enable inclusion through work, housing and leisure activities. For the past five years, the Foundation has also been supporting international programs, particularly in Africa, with a focus on autism training to provide better care for people with ASD. 

In 2023, the Foundation undertook a wealth of initiatives benefiting thousands of people in France, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. These included the Aqua Makers challenge, which invited young people from more than 240 Solidarity FabLabs to propose concrete solutions to the problem of access to water, the WikiChallenge digital school writing competition in 10 French-speaking African countries, and the 40 music festivals supported in France and Africa.  

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“The Foundation that I have the honor of chairing embodies our Group’s commitment to supporting and accompanying the most vulnerable in every country in which we operate. It is a source of pride for us all, and a real motivational lever for our employees, who make an active contribution to its initiatives.” 

Chairman of the Orange Foundation 

Key figures

Our 2023 projects 

A woman is showing to another woman how to use a computer.
A young autistic boy smiles at people around him, a digital tablet in his hands.
Two young students work together on a digital tablet.
A person is seated at a concert organized by the Orange Foundation.
Two young women are reading in a park, lying on a blanket.
An Orange Energies technician carries a solar panel with an African woman in front of her house.
Three women in the street sell cassava.
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