GREEN ITN : less energy consumed, less CO2 produced 

A person charges their digital tablet with electricity.

In 2023, network and IT system energy consumption accounted for 85% of total Group consumption and 80% of CO2 eq¹ emissions. Thanks to the Green ITN program, the increase in our energy consumption (scopes 1 and 2) was limited to 0.3%², despite new deployments and a significant increase in traffic in 2023. 

Over the period 2015-2023, more than 5.3 TWh of electricity and over 430 million liters of fuel oil have been saved in our networks and IT systems. Over this period, these savings have prevented the emission of at least 4.26 million tons of CO2. In 2023, the actions undertaken  will have avoided the consumption of at least 1,154 GWh of electricity and 99 million liters of fuel oil. To achieve these results, the Green ITN program applies several levers: the ramp-up of active network sharing, network and data center modernization, advanced standby modes, the decommissioning of legacy technologies (copper, 2G/3G) and the use of artificial intelligence. 

(1) Consumption including buildings housing network equipment. 

(2) Unless otherwise stated, changes are on a comparable basis to 2022. 

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