This website is eco-friendly

We’re doing everything we can to support a responsible digital world. That’s why we adopted an eco-design approach when developing this website for the 2021 Integrated Annual Report, with a view to reducing its environmental impact without compromising your experience.

How did we calculate the website’s environmental impact?

We enlisted the help of energy efficiency firm Greenspector, which assesses digital services and recommends how to make them greener. Calculations are based on three criteria – greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and land use. They reflect not only the resources and energy consumed by a user’s device, but also those that “should be” consumed by shared networks and server infrastructure.

What did we look at?

  • The energy and resources consumed when loading, reading, and scrolling down web pages
  • An actual device (smartphone) connected to Wi-Fi

How did the 2021 Integrated Annual Report website fare?

  • We achieved a score of 48/100 in Greenspector’s EcoScore test (the previous website received a score of 34/100).
  • The carbon footprint was 1.08 g CO2eq (55% lower than the 2.40 g CO2eq carbon footprint of the previous website).

How can these figures be explained?

  • Review of the website design: To make the website as efficient as possible, we went through each feature, text, image, animation, and video to determine whether it was relevant and remove any unnecessary content.
  • Measurements and analyses: Greenspector analyzed our previous integrated annual reports to help us identify areas for improvement and promote eco-design best practice.
  • Media: As multimedia content consumes large amounts of energy, we chose our content wisely to save on bandwidth and reduce the environmental impact.
  • Technical audit: An auditing tool was used when developing the website to check the default settings.